Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Simon Cowell looking into X Factor Canada

Simon Cowell was up in Canada earlier this week discussing the possibility of a Canadian version of his show X Factor. 

Cowell is contributing the interest to all of the Canadian acts that have become huge in the past ten can only think that he is talking about the hugest of the huge, the Biebs.

I don't know about this Cowell. Did you look into the history of Canadian talent TV shows past? Cause it is not pretty. Yeah we have talent, but good ones out there won't go on a Canadian talent shows as those have proven to be a bigger hindrance to success that vaults to achieving it.

Would Canada be able to pull off an X Factor? If Bieber was a judge...then maybe. I mean, then people will watch it, but I still don't think you would get the good ones out.


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