Monday, June 18, 2012

Shia Labeouf's Peen. No really...this is NSFW

This is not supposed to be funny, but you watch it and then tell me you didn't laugh your ass off. So f'ing hilarious.

How can you take Shia LaBeouf seriously in this? If you can, please let me know so I can watch it with your train of thought in mind. First you have his half-assed Jesus hair, which is nasty and should be chopped ASAP. Then there is the crying...which tres lame. Next up...the money shot (peen) followed by a very awkward dance which looks like it would have been made for a duo that got cut in the first week of So You Think You Can Dance. And butterflies. Doesn't Mariah Carey have the trademark for any butterflies used in music videos from now until the end of time? Cause I am pretty sure she would like to think so.

Don't even tell me that 95% of the people who watch this movie aren't watching it for the peen shot...cause you'd be lying if you said it was true.


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