Monday, June 18, 2012

Robyn Dell'Unto's new album is coming out...and you get the perks! @robyndellunto

One of my favorite Canadian songstresses is Torontonian Robyn Dell'Unto, as you know. I pretty much lose it over anything she has ever done and she is about to release a new album. Eeeeeek!

In a fantastic marketing move, Team RD has put together some awesome packages that you can buy in conjunction to her album, but only for the next 22 days. If the price is right, well...Robyn will pretty much do anything.*

Depending on your donation you can get a variety of different things (plus the new album) from a signed copy ($25) to a song written and recorded especially for you ($1000). You can see the full list of Dell'Unto perks here.

This starts at $10 which gets you a digital download of the new album.Which honestly would be good enough for me because I know without even hearing it that it is going to be fan-facking-tastic.

Oh my GAWD...this sounds like an ad. I swear to the little baby Christ this is not. I am not on Team Dell'Unto, although I am totally game to quit my job, pack my bags and become a roadie or a groupie.

Anyways, all I am saying is - if I had $250 that wasn't already earmarked for the 10 'Stampede Debauchery of Death' I would pay Robyn to record a Backstreet Boys song for me. It doesn't get much better than the BSB, but I bet Robyn could make it so.


*Get your mind out of the gutter.

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