Sunday, June 24, 2012

Nerdy kid does stand up on America's Got Talent

This kid, Jacob Williams, was on America's Got Talent this week...a nerdy comedian who jokes about being a loser. I don't think he is amazing, but I do think he is better than a lot of the crap I have seen on the show. As far as marketability goes, I think a comedian doing the prize winning show in Vegas is a good bet.

I also think the funniest people are weird, nerdy, ugly or fat. Fat comedians especially...when they get thin, they get less funny. It probably has something to do with them trying to get more respect and people are like, "Your weight loss means NOTHING to me! MAKE ME LAUGH." This kid is nerdy AND fugly, so he has such a good shot at being comedy-famous.

Good luck Jacob.


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  1. Jacob Williams did a wonderful job when he performed on Americas Got Talent. He is another who shows you cant judge a book by its cover and I hope he does great in Vegas. This has to be one of my favorite shows during PrimeTime Anytime. I get it recorded right to my Hopper for viewing at a later time. Now I can use the new Auto Hop feature, which offers the option to skip commercials or watch them. It’s a great feature my coworker from Dish showed me how to use. The Auto Hop doesn’t delete commercials it just automatically fast forwards them for you. The commercials are always there and you can play them any time you want. I know this will save money on having to always buy batteries for my remote.


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