Thursday, June 28, 2012

Movie Madness: Out This Weekend

There are actually a few good movies coming out this weekend. You know what that's officially summer movie season! You could be at the theatre 3 or 4 times a week with a selection like this. Watch that the movie theatre concessions don't rape you this summer. Remember kids, always sneak in as much food from home as you can. $15 for popcorn is like a 30,000% mark up.

Magic Mike
Ahhhh, male strippers. I mean HOT male strippers. If you need more than that, see my review here.

People Like Us
This looks like a keeper. The story, I mean. Not sure about the movie as a whole. If there is any freaky incest garbage going on I am out, but it looks like it would be solid. I must say though...Michelle Pfeiffer, what happened? She looked hella old in New Years Eve, but I thought it was just make-up, but now this? Guuuuurl...I like that you don't inject - it's refreshing.

Take This Waltz
Sarah Polley directed this!? Actually, I think this played at CIFF, but I was off destroying my liver in Vegas and missed it. Dammit. It looks good.

If you don't see this movie you are going to hell. I have it on pretty good authority that this is true. Mine. And my word is pretty much the same as God's. So get your ass out to the theatre and support my husband being funny with a bear that smokes outs of a bong. Why would you say no to this?

Tyler Perry's Madea's Witness Protection
Why does Tyler Perry like cross dressing so much? Is there something we need to know? I can't completely hate on this movie like every other movie Tyler Perry has made starring himself with his name in the title...because Eugene Levy is in it, and whatever the Levys do, I support.

My Pick: Ted. For obvious reasons, but it does look like it will be the best of the bunch.


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