Saturday, June 23, 2012

Feist takes Sled Island in the rain

Feist, Sled Island 2012
The first night I decide to go Sledding* it rains. That is totally my luck with everything in life and I apologized in advance to all the hipsters whose nights were ruined by my attendance. And of course, all of the shows that I wanted to see were in the main outdoor venue where the standing area doubles as a pool in summer and a rink in winter. So the giant puddles that everyone was standing in was not surprising.

Did that sound like I was complaining? It did, didn't it. Well, I was just giving you the backdrop for my first evening at Sled Island. That coupled with the fact I came straight from work and did not have a jacket made it that much more festive.

I saw Timber Timbre on the main stage. I was underwhelmed. So we headed over to the Palomino for some drink and dry and and to check out Calgary band, The Mountaineer. What a pleasant surprise. The lead singer was kind of the male version of Brittany Howard from Alabama Shakes. Love her.

Then it was back into the rain for some Feist action. One of this years headliners, Leslie Feist, took the stage as the rain subsided and rocked much as one could singing songs like hers.
White skirt, main offender of water kicking.
The people in the audience were loving it and a group of chick hipsters, who I am assuming were on something stronger than MJ, decided that the puddles that surrounded everyone were the perfect place to dance, jump and kick water at people. Since they didn't get me wet I was loving their side performance. They were really embracing the spirit of 'festival'. Not everyone thought they were as funny as me and one little hipster girl started yelling at them and tried to kick the main girl but her shoe came off and landed in a puddle. Then I think she started to cry...which made the whole situation even better. The dancers didn't even seem to notice.

Feist was great, actually much better than I expected because this is not really the ideal venue to listen to her, but she brought her A game. It was one of those performances that makes you like a performer more because you see some great personality.

Tonight is Sledding round 2. Not wearing rain boots, but definitely wearing a waterproof jacket.


* Sledding: A term used by Sled Island attendees to say that they are going to sleds are actually used in this context.

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