Thursday, June 28, 2012

Charlie Sheen's Anger Management...Pass?

Charlie Sheen's new show Anger Management started tonight. Did you watch?

Charlie plays, who else, Charlie...a therapist who does anger management group sessions with a bunch of angry peeps. Oh and he also is a player who dates hot chicks. There is no Alan in this, Charlie takes on that role as well with his character having an ex-wife and a teenage daughter who is a little weird.

I am not sure how well this show is going to do. Right out of the gate I would say it wasn't horrible, but it wasn't exceptional either. There is going to be that constant comparison to Two and a Half Men for probably the entire time the show is on the it one season or 10.  The biggest difference between this Charlie and the last one is that in this one he isn't an alcoholic douche...which was obviously the best part about Charlie Harper. (RIP)

I am not sure if this show is going to make the cut. One good thing though, Charlie doesn't look as coked out and ridiculous as he did in his Tiger Blood faze, but he still looks worn the eff out.

We shall see if this cat has another life left in him. He has had to have used like, 20 by now.


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