Sunday, June 24, 2012

Book Challenge Week #16: Tanned, Toned and Totally Faking It by Whitney Boyd

Tanned, Toned and Totally Faking It is a novel by Calgary author Whitney Boyd. I was definitely skeptical about the story. Canadian University student gets discovered while singing in a talent show and becomes uber famous overnight.

This is Boyd's first novel so I will attempt to be lenient in my review.

There are many many people in this world who would love to be famous. They read about famous people and dream about their name in lights, so it seems like a good idea to base a story around someone who is living that dream. The only thing is, if I wanted to read a story about someone being famous I would pick up one of the 10,000 biographies that have been written by or about one of the 100,000 celebrities walking the earth. I don't need a fake story written by someone whose mirror into the entertainment industry comes from Perez Hilton and People magazine. I'm not saying that I am that much more privileged in this area than Boyd. I may not be, but when you your point of reference for anything pop culture is Justin Bieber and Twilight, we have a problem.

Side Note: When referencing the most popular Celebrity Gossip blog ever there is no need to say "Perez Hilton's celebrity blog" Perez Hilton or even just Perez would suffice.

The protagonist, Mikalya Rivers, is a General Studies student at the University of Calgary before she became an overnight success (which is never really explained except that she was discovered by a record label owner/oil and gas owner who was wandering around the University campus and stumbled upon a talent contest that she was in and offered her a deal. Logistically this makes no sense unless he was staying at Hotel Alma...which is even more of a stretch of unbelievable proportions). I appreciated that she drops reference to The Den, the U of C campus bar and Okotoks, where her character is from.

The supporting cast is her GBF and personal trainer, Kurt; her cousin and bitch of a manager, Cheryl; her law student boyfriend who doesn't know she is famous, Justin; and her ex boyfriend who she wrote all her songs about, Matt. Not much character development is done to her so you can imagine there is even less done on them, except from maybe Cheryl. I would have liked for Boyd to actually admit that Cheryl went to Haskayne...which I just pretended was true while reading. It made it more enjoyable for me.

As Boyd's first novel it was OK. I am not blown away and there was not a lot of meat on this story or anything that made it differ from any any other story about celebrity. She has another book coming out next year and hopefully the sophomore book will be more enthralling. I am not going to recommend it, but that doesn't mean I won't look forward to what Boyd has for us in the future.

Not Recommended.


Side Note: You need to get some money back from your editor. He's the biggest name in all of celebritydome. It's spelt Bieber not Beiber.

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