Sunday, June 3, 2012

Book Challenge Week #13: Between You and Me by Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus

This week I read Between You and Me, a novel by the same chicks that wrote The Nanny Diaries. It is narrated by a girl, Logan, who is working in New York when she gets a call to come and visit her international pop star cousin who she hasn't seen since childhood. She goes, then ends up becoming her personal assistant taking us inside the life of a famous celeb that never had a childhood. Drama.

The further into the book I got, the more it eerily paralleled the version of Britney Spears' life that would be aired on an E! True Hollywood Story. Halfway through the book I thought, "If this huss shaves her head I am going to light this book on fire." Luckily she didn't, but pretty much everything else is one giant mirror of the decline of Ms. Spears.

(SPOILER ALERT) You got different versions of the Southern upbringing (Oklahoma vs Louisiana), The Mickey Mouse Club, Justin Timberlake, the JT breakup, Jamie and Lynn Spears (to an extent), K Fed, Sean Preston, the mental breakdown and conservatorship of the parents. There is even a small paparazzi fling, barf.

Because I pay so much attention to celebrities, this book was a painfully long reminder of the shit I monitor on a daily basis. It was also kind of torturous because it ends the way that McLaughlin and Kraus usually end their books...realistically. If I wanted to read a depressing ending of a fame story I would pick up Michael Jackson's biography. Thanks for nothing.

If you like stories about fake famous people or bio's that could have the name Britney replaced with Kelsey, then this book is for you. If you think that anyone who takes pieces of the life of a troubled pop star, flips them around a couple of times and tries to pull it off as an original work of fiction is an ass hole, then you are in the same boat as me and you should follow my recommendation.

Not Recommended.


Between You and Me hits store June 12. You can pre-order it here.

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