Friday, June 22, 2012

Another one bites the dust: Canada's Got Talent gets Cancelled after one season

Canada's Got Talent just got the axe by Rogers Media. After only one season on the air the decision was made to not bring back the show. The official statement is something along the lines of 'high production costs,' but let's be real. Besides Martin Short, the show was pretty much a bust from day one.
I watched two episodes and could barely keep my eyes open. Oh, and then I watched a YouTube video of the winners and was mortified that the three tap dancing teenagers was the best that we could come up with.

I also went to the live auditions in Calgary and it was a whole other form of brutal. If you think about the highlights which were shown on TV and divide how entertaining it was in half and subtracted 1000 - that is how entertaining the live stuff was. We literally watched a bunch of kids and their rabbits do an obstacle course...and half of the rabbits just sat there. Torture.

Well, there goes another show into the vault of "shows that made it in other places in the world and failed miserably in Canada." Will the Bachelor be next? Big Brother Canada? The Real Housewives of Vancouver? Come on people...let's be a little more dramatic.


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