Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Voice fans select their final 4

It's been a while since I wrote a recap for The Voice. I think the last thing I said had something to do with the weird fluffy cat that CeeLo was packing around for a while. Shudder.

Tonight was the final elimination before the finale. Each team went down to 1 member.

Team Blake started off legit and I was really rooting for him, but week after week he faltered and ended up with the 2 least likely to win the final. He ended up sending Alicia Keys back up singer, Jermain, to the finals. Unfortunately for him, he won last year...I mean, a guy who looks and sounds exactly like him won last year.

Team Christina was always kind of lack luster, but she was owner to my favorite player: Lindsay Pavao. Unfortunately for Lindsay, she didn't win the hearts of America and was constantly in the bottom two. Christina must have know, if she had half a brain, that the votes were going to go to her Opera singing half-decent male competitor. So when she gave 50 % to each contestant she was signing Lindsay's death warrant. Goodbye Lindsay.

Team Adam was good for a while, but then his better singers had a couple of bum weeks and they got the boot. He was left with Katrina, the blond girl that most people thought wouldn't make it past episode 3 and Tony Luca, the former mouseketeer who has been getting by on his former glory. When it came down to it Adam gave 60% to Tony and 40% to Katrina. In total Tony won 108 to 92...which means, had Adam done an even split Katrina would have been heading to the finals.

Then there is team CeeLo. He actually ended up having the two strongest in his corner this week. Jamar is forgettable, but strong, and Juliette was my number two choice for the win. Her raspy rocker voice is the opposite of Jamars, unforgettable. I was worried that it would go to Jamar since the voters seem to be going the way of penises, but Juliet won out (and she would have even if CeeLo didn't give her a 20% advantage).

So going into the finals there is only one choice. Juliet. If she doesn't win this show will have failed. And Lindsay, make an album. I'll buy it.


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