Sunday, May 27, 2012

Viral marriage proposal 10,000 to Bruno Mars' Marry You

So this is the latest viral marriage proposal to hit the internet. I have to admit, it was very nicely executed...which I can't say for all of them. Good job Isaac.

Those people must have practiced forEVER. And it looks like they have every single person she has ever met involved because she seems to recognize everyone. What a great group of friends. My bet is that she is in some kind of arts theatre or dance.

I do think this is hilarious because this song is about getting bombed and married in Vegas, but I like the sentiment. I also liked that I was completely convinced that there was a midget in the video until the end when I realized that the little person in the green shirt was actually a little kid...then I was kind of disappointed.

There had better be little people involved in my proposal...and break dancers. That's all I ask.


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