Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Taylor Kitsch not reppin hard for Kelowna

Kelowna native, Taylor Kitsch was on Ellen promoting his new flick that will probably bomb, Battleship, when he talked about where he is from.

Anyone else find it annoying that when she asks where he is from he says a place outside of Vancouver, Canada? I grew up in a small town in BC, so I am ever familiar with the the 'near Vancouver' description of where you are from when talking to foreigners or Easterners, but Kelowna? Outside of the GVA and Victoria it is one of the biggest places in BC. And at least 5 hours from Vancouver. I wouldn't say that was 'outside Vancouver' at all. He is making it sound like he can see the skyline in the distance from his house. False.

And then the 'Vancouver, Canada' thing. It was all very awkward. Does he not know that the entire world knows that Vancouver is in Canada? 2010 bitch. Also, what Vancouver do you think they would think you were talking about? Washington? Puh-lease.

Taylor, next time someone asks you where you are from you say, "Kelowna, BC" and if they look at you strangely or unknowingly you scoff at them like they are not worthy of air and explain that it is the home of the Ogopogo. Neuf said.


Shout out to my favorite K-Town radio host, Ian...I jacked this video from his FB page.


  1. Damn girl, couldn't have said it better myself. I'm from Vic. Taylor is so hot in Savages (saw it last night) but not to pump Kelowna. Common Canadian boy.

  2. 1. No one knows about kelowna other than those who are from BC and 2. He's says Vancouver Canada to emphasize the fact that he's Canadian because he's a proud Canadian and it's rare for us bc folk to make it to hollywood. Grow up, posts like these piss me off, you just sound fucking stupid


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