Thursday, May 17, 2012

SPOILER ALERT: Devastating ending to this season of Grey's Anatomy

Armageddon is my number one go to for a good cry. Without fail I lose my mind when Bruce Willis pulls the cord on Ben Affleck's oxygen tank and kills himself. My number two is the Notebook scene when they are old and she freaks out and forgets who he is. That is some sad sad shit.

Neither of those would ever get me to the point of hysterics that I was in tonight while watching the season finale of Grey's Anatomy. I knew it was going to be dramatic from the previews...but I was not expecting what happened, at all. Thank God my roommate wasn't home because I was ugly crying and it was not a pretty sight, plus she probably would have made fun of me for life...and I am the only one allowed to make fun of people around here.

If you haven't seen the show...STOP READING.

So there is two reasons why I am crying. First, Shonda Rhimes is screwing with my chi and left us with a ginormous cliffhanger where we don't know if Mark and Arizona are going to live. Both banged up badly from the plane crash.

And second...well, this is where the hysterics come from. Lexie died. Lexie died, which means that Mark and Lexie, my all time favourite TV couple, will never get back together. I bet the creators of Friends never thought of killing off Rachel. Right? Cause that would be MADNESS.

Christina and Meredith are the only ones who don't have ridiculous injuries from the crash. Christina ragingly points out that horrible things always happen to them and she needs to get the hell out of Seattle. I agree. Derek's hand is all screwed up and I bet next season will be all about him rehabilitating it so he can be a surgeon again. Mark has a bunch of internal injuries and they already had to hairspray-tube blood out of his insides. Arizona has a bone poking out of her leg and she keeps coughing up blood. Oh...and again, Lexie died.

Back in Seattle everyone is completely unaware that anything is going on. The fact that they spent so much of the episode in Seattle with the oblivious other people of the group pissed me off. No one cares what is going on there...NO ONE. Hunt conveniently makes all of his calls go to voicemail, so he doesn't know that the plane didn't arrive at the special surgery destination.

The episode ends with the plane crash victims sitting around a tiny fire trying to stay awake while it gets dark and no one seems to be looking for them. Christina gives Meredith the last match to light and it goes out...and adding to the fire that already exists is not an option (sarcasm).

Now we must wait until September to find out if Mark and Arizona die. It's gonna be a long summer.

Side Letter: Dearest Lexie, I will miss you on the show. It was starting to embody greatness again and I am not sure if it will stay on its current trajectory without you there. I will always remember the episode where you broke McSteamy's penis. That was epic. You will be missed. Hearts.


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  1. This is was seriously the saddest day ever!! I HAD NO IDEA IT WAS COMING!!! like you would always here about how the other characters that were killed off or left the show because of drama issues, but this was like BAM! Take that everybody! Lets kill off the cutest most loving character... :( its still my all time favourite show.


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