Friday, May 4, 2012

Parents think lion trying to break glass to kill their kid is funny. It is.

So this was brought to my attention today by "You would like this Jes, you know, cuz you hate children." Truth. This was hilarious.
I would like to point out two things here that concern me. is that kid not scared of the Lion? If a giant Princess Nala was clawing an invisible wall behind me with an open mouth I would piss myself. This kid is just sitting there like, "What's up?" Are you kidding me? This kid is obviously coddled and doesn't have any kind of healthy fear.

Second, the parents or whoever is behind the camera don't seem concerned at all. Yes, I realize that you think that the enclosure plexiglass thing is unbreakable, but it still has the word glass in it. Have you never seen plexiglass break at a hockey game before? Oh right, you are an idiot and probably don't watch hockey. Thank God Princess Nala wasn't starving or you may have a glass covered half eaten non-zebra baby on your hands.

News outlets picked this up saying "Cute...Lion tries to eat baby who looks like a zebra. Aw." When they should have been saying, "Bad. F-cking. Parenting."

And to the person (EB) who said that this is the reason they would never let me take their kids to the Zoo...take note. I would rather be in a drunk tank at +40 with a bunch of homeless people for 24 hours than accompany any child to the zoo. And if I were being completely honest I would say that children are the #1 reason why I have only been to the zoo once. Never again.




  2. This'll be the kid that grows up with absolutely no fear of any animal. Of course the first time this little mutt punches the German Shepard in the nose, and has his face ripped off, the parents will be wailing about "putting the evil animal down". Maybe they should put the parents down.
    By-the-way, I live in Oregon and can't believe the zoo wouldn't have anything to say about this.

  3. God you guys are disgusting with your over-protectiveness. It's a zoo. That's what zoos are for, to see animals. When I was a kid, my parents took me to the zoo all the time, from even before I can remember and growing up around animals has led me to become the good, healthy, animal loving individual that I am today. Kudos to the parents of that child.


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