Friday, May 4, 2012

Meet Emily Maynard's Bachelors!

With all the Bachelor Canada business that has been going around lately I completely forgot that The Bachelorette is starting up again soon. In a couple of weeks (May 14)! Emily Maynard, 25, from Brad's season, is back and fame whoring herself out trying to finally bone as many dudes as she can in 3 months find love.

Here is a short look at a couple of the dudes who will be appearing on her season.

Is this supposed to be the Jersey Shore knock-off of the cast?

Lumber trader from BEAVERton. I wonder how often he wants to knife himself when that comes up.

Nate looks like he is trying too hard to be cool...then you see he is an accountant and understand why it is not coming naturally.

Doug, I wouldn't trust you to sell me a house. Sorry.

This guy just looks like a douche.

A 36 year old know what that means? He doesn't want to do anything else with his life.

The token black dude.

What kind of mushrooms Alejandro..hummm? And are you bringing any with you to the house?

You would think that it would be a requirement for a fitness model to have his pro shot done shirtless.
Kyle...I am guessing no one advised you that spending your money on that shirt was a waste?

Hi Jef with one F, what are you an entrepreneur of...the one side blow dryer?

"At our rehab facility, it is common practice to never, ever cut your hair."

I can SEE why he is not a successful musician...I would have to hear to confirm.

Wolf....what's the story there? Do you have a Wolf pack? Or are you a lone Wolf?

I feel like all of the guys this season are going to be short. That makes me sad. I am not blown away by any of these photos, but maybe she just got a crop of dudes who go all Chandler when the lens is ready. For a full list of the cast go here.


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  1. Reading your descriptions of the bachelors made my day better.


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