Thursday, May 31, 2012

Martin Short is a class act when asked about dead wife by Kathie Lee

Martin Short just gained some major respect in this corner.

He was on the TODAY Show with Kathie Lee Gifford this morning promoting Madagascar 3 (WTF, 3!? A rant for another time.) when she mentioned his wife and asked how long they have been married and if they were still in love.

Watch his there even a trace of "my wife died two years ago thanks for bringing it up"? Because I am pretty sure if that happened to me I would just start bawling my face off. Poor Martin, but what a pro.

But the real kicker in this situation is...she pretends to know so much about his marriage, saying that they have one of the best marriages in Hollywood. Clearly she doesn't know this at all if she doesn't know the woman isn't even alive. It's insulting to a whole other level because obviously she doesn't know if his marriage was good or horrible. Tisk tisk.

Anyone else remember when this happened to Elizabeth Hasselbeck on The View with Stanley Tucci? He was talking about his wife telling him he shouldn't play the role of the murderer in Lovely Bones and Hasselbeck asks if she had seen the movie. He brushes it off, "No" and turns away from her...but then that is that. Other hosts jump in and it's over. With Martin's she continues. Ouch.

Eff, Martin is pretty classy. I want to give him a hug.


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