Friday, May 11, 2012

Jessi Cruickshank to host Wipeout-type show, Oh Sit!, on the CW

It was revealed yesterday that Daryn Jones left MTV to host a talent show on CBC. Fail. Today it was announced that Jessi Cruickshank, MTV host alumna, will be heading over to the CW (and I'd say...a step up from CBC) to co-host Oh Sit! It sounds like Wipeout on a little more competitive scale.
12 contestants race through five physically demanding, obstacle course-style eliminations as they each compete to claim a chair. At the end of the hour, only one contestant will be left sitting to seize the cash prize.

Cruickshank will be one of 3 hosts. She and Jamie Kennedy will be the ones in the skybox watching the people and making fun of them (I am assuming this) and another girl, Tanika Ray will be the host on the group.

Yes...sounds exactly like Wipeout.


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