Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Jennifer Holiday on American Idol, Scariest Performance to Date

This was by far, the most terrifying thing I have ever seen on American Idol...and that includes Steven Tyler's wardrobe and Simon Cowell's nips.

Jennifer Holiday, the original Dreamgirl, joined finalist Jessica Sanchez on stage in the finale of the show to sing this fantastic song. The performance was in, I am mentally vomiting that Jessica didn't win the whole season with chops like this. But it was also scary as all hell. Seriously. I am going to have nightmares from Jennifer Holiday's face. I think JLo would agree with me. That was the most intense mug I have ever seen on a singer...ever.

Jessica rolled with it though. I am assuming she already got the fear out of her in rehearsal, but damn. I would have either started crying o laughing. Props to Ms. Sanchez.

Anyways, another season of American Idol is over and the tween girls have won out again. I call it the Bieber effect...when the tweens get together on mass and become hysterical over whatever under 21 guy with a baby face they can rally the troops for. This time it was Phillip Philips. I will say though, if I was inflicted with the tween idiot syndrome I would have been down with PP too. His name is Phillip Phillips for crying out loud.

Anyways...Jennifer Holiday's face. Nightmares. For weeks. *Shudder.



  1. Most hilarious commentary on yet. Mwahaha you are funny. have a *good niiight!

  2. Thank you for making my aching heart laugh. I am very sad for Jessica Sanchez's loss. I am so confused right now, it's giving me a bad headache. But the thought of this article will be the silver lining amidst the grief.

  3. So sad so true....but Jessica Sanchez career will outlast PP....agreed scary scary Jennifer Holiday but JS held her own....she has a huge career ahead of her!

  4. My whole family was rofl at that face! I'm glad we weren't the only ones who thought it was scary!

  5. Funniest performance I have prob ever seen, I have no clue how they sang, I was laughing too loud!

  6. You, my dear , are unfortunately misinformed. Cristicism without history is shallow indeed. Miss Holiday took us to "Church". She was totally into the original character of the song. That little Jessica girl was a hollow poser just working to hit notes. I hope she learned someting of a real emitoinal performer from Ms Holiday. She could use it. Probalby why she lost. Hitting notes does not a performance make. I happened by your site looking for the video. Don't worry I shant be bothering you agian.

    1. OH MY GOD! I am so jealous. You have been in church when an exorcism was taking place?! That shit is on my bucket list. Next time you let me know when it is happening and I'll be there.

  7. i am so sure she took us to "church" but htose faces and her lower jaw scared the angels away...i was as though sahe was mad or something..even though the song is relaying a message of some sadness. but did she have to snarl at that baby like that...geesh! don't get me worng, jennifer is old school and deserves my credit than she has gotten, but since the weight loss, she over exaggerates her facial expressions and can be a bit scary.

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  9. I think Jennifer Holiday was inspiring - and - for you ignorant people's information, she made the same faces when she performed at the Apollo and on broadway. She's a legend, are you? Didn't think so.


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