Monday, May 14, 2012

IT'S OFFICIAL! Who are the new X Factor Judges!?

And it is confirmed....Queen Brit and one of the Disney Holy Trinity will be joining the X Factor judges panel. Great! A great female duo of a current and former teen idol/screw up.

I actually don't understand either of these picks as far as talent show judges go. Britney is still not fully recovered from being a we think she will actually be able to handle the judging thing? And Demi Lovato? I know she has been in the industry for a while and has a good voice, but she is still pretty young to be doing this...which I am assuming is the point, but I don't know if she is emotionally stable enough to deal with the ridicule she WILL receive if she goes on this show

Note: Everyone gets ridiculed, it wouldn't just be her.

I am not going to lie though...I am intrigued even more than when they said Steven Tyler was going to judge American Idol...but not as excited as I am for Howard Stern to judge America's Got Talent.


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