Monday, May 14, 2012

Goodbye Horatio! (A Letter to...)

Dear Horatio,

I heard the news that your show got cancelled. That is bullshit I tell ya. You were probably on vacation chuckling to yourself that Gary Sinise was about to be jobless when you got the call...or did you know? Did you know your not-looking-anyone-in-the-face, weird sunglasses days were over? Cause if you did, you could have let me know. I almost had a shock heart attack. Not cool my ginger friend.

I am going to miss the super colour saturation of the CSI Miami show...I was never confused what I was watching when I was channel surfing. I would stop on the bright lights and know, reassuringly, that your ginger head and horrid sunglasses would be around in moments to say virtually nothing and give a sad look to everyone in sight.

Horashe...I'm gonna miss you dude. You were my favorite crime scene investigator ever...screw that Grissom shit and don't even get me started on Mac Taylor. What a hack. He wishes he could be you. Well...wished I guess would be a better word.

Sad face. Your ginger death will haunt my dreams forever.*


*And by forever I mean, until tomorrow afternoon when I forget that this even happened.

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