Thursday, May 31, 2012

Dominic Monaghan accuses Matthew Fox of beating chicks on Twitter

Well this is....weird.

Lost alumni Dominic Monaghan recently slammed fellow alumn Matthew Fox to a fan by saying Fox beats women. This is the weirdest exchange ever.

The chick tweets at Dom saying that he should get Matthew Fox to come on Twitter. He responds by saying that "[Fox] beats women. no thanks." Which is the most random thing ever to reply to someone who you don't know...who is just a fan trying to get their celeb on Twitter.

She follows up by saying something about the good times he and Fox had and she knows it was wrong (possibly referring to the incident where Fox supposedly assaulted a female party bus driver) but that he should get over it.

Annnnnd he keeps going. Because clearly at this point in his career he doesn't have a publicist, or feel any kind of need for a filter.

"...he beats women. not isolated incidents. often."

Woah. Those are some pretty big accusations to be throwing out on Twitter for an American in the home of 'let's sue anyone for anything'...and that is defamatory to the max if he doesn't have proof.

No word yet if Fox is suing, making an official statement, or actually out punching broads in the face.

We shall see how this unfolds.


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