Monday, May 14, 2012

Does Canada have Talent?

No one else is gonna do it, but I will, as usual, be the bitch and say: This is embarrassing Canada.

The winners of Canada's Got Talent were three teenage boys who tap danced to the f-cking Black Eyed Peas' shitty remake of a Dirty Dancing classic. Tell me how badly I wanted to jump off my balcony into a vat of hot lava after seeing that this was the most talent our country had to offer. I will give you a hint...if I wasn't lazy, and there was a vat of lava...I would have entertained the thought.

Now before you go and start spamming the comments section with a round of "I know them personally and they are really nice." or "You are a heartless bitch and I hope you burn in hell." Please note: It is not called "Canada is home to nice people, let's celebrate" because we know that already...the show is trying to prove we have star talent, which this wasn't. And in regards to the second would be comment, yes I know this already and I probably will so you can stop hoping.

I am glad Manitoba has a claim to fame now besides the return of the Jets, but I truly do hope for better in their future. I will be amazed if this show is around next season and baffled beyond reason if it ends up in third season rotation.  We tried...but we just can't seem to get the good ones out there.



  1. Hey, I know those guys and they are really nice. You are a heartless bitch and I hope you burn in hell


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