Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Confirmed: Brad Smith is The Bachelor Canada

It's not like you didn't already know the identity of the first ever Bachelor Canada, but now that it was confirmed this morning, let's chat.

I got his age wrong...well, according to all the reports that came out today saying he was 28. Wikipedia says he was born on Feb 10, 1983. But whatever. Oh and his dad is a former football guy...now he is a dirty politician (senator to be exact).

I watched the City interview with him and...oh my Gawd. Boring. I'd say no offence, but please Brad, get offended...and get some personality. You are not attractive enough to keep me entertained by your looks, I need some wit or something. Speaking of his not-so great looks...he is very well kempt which draws more attention to his extremely narrow face and long nose. He is like a golden boy without a wild side. Zzzzzzzzz.

This show may not be a complete disaster...they still need to announce the female contestants.


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  1. Looks like James Blunt without eyebrows and a significantly unattractive face. Fail! I was thinking about applying for the Canadian Bachelor but chasing men has never been my forte, its always vice-versa for me and always will be. Your blog posts are neat, I like it. Kind of like a Canadian Perez Hilton, only you have an IQ as a pose to Perez. Keep it up, ill be checking back.


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