Sunday, May 27, 2012

Book Challenge Week #12: Let's Pretend This Never Happened, a Mostly True Memior @TheBloggess

When I started to read this book I thought, "If I ever write a book I would hope it would read something like this...random, chaotic and pretty f-cking hilarious." But by the time I finished I came to the crushing realization that there is no way my life is weird enough to merit a book at all. This chick's life was one embarrassing disaster after the next.

Jenny Lawson is a blogger turned author who compiled a book of chapters of her life starting out with her childhood in a small town in Texas where he dad was a weird taxidermist and her and her sister had to wear winter boots made out of bread bags and newspaper. Like, f-ck me. I grew up on the low income end of the totem pool, but my parents at least knew how to find a bargain at Goodwill.

It kind of reminded me of The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls, except it was funny and not devastating and Lawson made her unfortunate situations into hilarious episodes while Walls made me feel sorry for her childhood existence. Lawson had a weird family, didn't fit in, was goth in cowboy town (which I believe could be a complete life failure on its own WITHOUT other sad episodes), suffered from an eating disorder and has an anxiety disorder that has her hiding under tables and being extremely f-cking awkward in social situations.

That sounds like a hilarious book right? No, but Lawson somehow finds the humour in it all and has turned her incredulous life into one laugh after another. Helps for her that she has a husband who enjoys her craziness and a family that she didn't disown after they probably mentally f-cked her for the rest of her life.

There was a couple of chapters that I pretty much laughed the whole way through. One that was titled And That's Why Neil Patrick Harris Would Be the Most Successful Mass Murderer Ever., which clearly speaks for itself and one about when she did drugs...which I am pretty sure was written when she was on them because it made no sense, at all.

But besides the side splitting stories, it's random shit like this that made this book unlike anything I have ever seen:

"all of this will be fixed by my editor by the time you read this anyway, so really I could write anything here. Like, did you know Angelina Jolie hates Jewish people? True story. (Editor's note: Angelina Jolie does not hate Jewish people at all, and this is a total fabrication. We apologize to Ms. Jolie and to the Jewish community.)"

This was actually in the a total random side note in the middle of a paragraph. There were many more where that came from. So fantastically amazing. And I agree, Angelina probably does hate Jews.



Side note: I do one day hope to write a book, whether anyone gets to read it or not is still to be decided.

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