Sunday, May 20, 2012

Book Challenge Week #11: I Suck at Girls

Justin Halpern is guy behind Sh*t My Dad Says. After that book he wrote this one, I Suck at Girls. It is pretty funny, and he does suck at girls.

He gives accounts of any female experience that he had pre-20s...which were few and far between. He details his fathers blunt, hilarious and often harsh life advice to Justin throughout his life. I was literally laughing out loud any time he spoke of his father.

As far as the non-father portions of the book...well, they were pretty average. Not stories that I would write a book about, that's for sure. It goes something like this: kid has low confidence, over thinks everything, tries to get with girls his entire adolescence, fails, has a few awkward relationships in his early twenties and then finds a girl who is OK with how neurotic he is and pops the question. Is this not the story of most people's lives?

The best non-father portion of the book was when he talked about his summer trip with one of his friends to Europe when they went to Ibiza. His friend telling him what he did when he was blackout drunk had me laughing.

"Mostly people yelled at you. Then you stole a knife from the bartender and cut your sleeves off. Then the bartender asked for it back and you started making body builder poses and then ran away. So that was pretty awesome."

After that his body was so wrecked from drinking, because he is such a lightweight, that he had to go to the Emergency room. Some people just can't hold their liquor.

Anyways, I would say that if you want to read some of the stuff that his dad says you should check out his twitter feed. It wasn't a bad book, but not something I would suggest running out and buying.

Not Recommended.


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