Sunday, May 13, 2012

Book Challenge Week #10: Fifty Shades of Grey

This week I asked for some suggestions for an easy read because I didn't have a lot of time. This book was suggested to me because they thought I would hate it and my review would be funny.

Yeah, I agree with them. I did hate it. What the hell was that? It was pretty f-cking disturbing if you ask me. If I didn't have the god like powers of skim-reading I may not have got through the entire thing. If you haven't already is about a control freak guy who is hard-core into BDSM.

About halfway through the book, after getting over my shock that this somewhat normal girl is thinking this shit is a good idea, I start thinking that the story line feels an awful lot like something out of Stephanie Meyer's head. Twilight with f-cked up humans...GREAT. WHAT THE HELL AM I READING?!  Then I find out that is was actually based on Twilight fanfiction.

Well this makes a hell of a lot of sense now. A clumsy chick who gets involved with a dark and weird guy who hurts her and is an 'old soul' seriously. Kill me now that I wasted an entire day on this shit. She even has a mother exactly like the one in Twilight who she goes and visits in the South (Georgia, not Florida...but come on.) There are more parallels, but I am choosing to not recall any more of the book than I have to.

And then the whole Mrs. Robinson thing? The coug who seduced the weirdo when he was a teenager was name Mrs. Robinson?! E L James....can you think of NOTHING original. You lazy f-cking douche.

I wonder how pissed Stephanie Meyer's is that someone jacked her characters and made it into the 'next big book series'....I would be livid. I would also be pissed if the series was shit. Which this is. I mean, the writing is bruts. It's really choppy and I found myself, every ten pages or so, reeling my head back and cursing myself for not finding another book before today. By the time I got into it I knew I wasn't going to finish anything else before the day was out...and I will NOT fail this challenge. Someone told me I couldn't do it, and I want to show them what's up.

I don't even know how to make this review funny. I am too disturbed and annoyed right now to write anything witty.

Not Recommend.


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  1. Blech, i heard his book was complete trash.. I don think I could ever read it but props to you for actually finishing it! hahaha


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