Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Big Brother Canada...yes it's happening!

It was announced today that the Big Brother TV series is going to be coming to our fine country. OH. MY. GOOD. GOD!

The show is going to air on Slice, which is also the home to recent Canadian reality hilarity The Real Housewives of Vancouver. Slice is really digging its fingers into the trashy TV. I love it!

No news yet on the casting, but assuming it is anything like the American program there will be an application etc.

My biggest question, besides where is the house of fun going to be who is going to be Canada's Julie Chen? They need to be epic, or maybe Lainey Gossip, she's pretty dope.

This is so i must figure out how to get hired on as a producer...or a person that watches the feed at 3 in the morning. Big Brother Canada...please give me a job, I beg you!



  1. how hold do you have to be do apply

  2. I'd like to put my boyfriend in the game if he was a successful candidate. How do I do this process for application and audition for him. Yes we are Canadian. Live in Alberta !


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