Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Amazing Race: Did Brendon and Rachel take home the $$$? (SPOILER!)

I am so glad that the initial rumours were false about who won this season of The Amazing Race. Well...they were half right. The rumour was that Brendon and Rachel, Big Brother alumns, managed to pull out the big win, but the winners actually were Rachel and DAVE. Thank the LORD!

The way that things were going during the last leg of the race it was any teams win. Dave and Rachel missed the final Road Block and went right to the end. They then had to huff it back to the Road Block where Art and JJ had already been attempting the challenge. They finished it and went back to the end before either of the other teams finished. It was a nail biter when they had to go back though. Heart attack situation.

YAY. I am so glad it wasn't Brendon and Rachel. I would have died.

This is the first season I have ever watched with any kind of enthusiasm. I prayed every week for Rachel and Brendon to get eliminated.  Or for Rachel to have her vocal chords seared during a challenge. No such luck. But at least they didn't win.


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