Sunday, May 27, 2012

Alison Brie likes to run in her Birthday Suit

This is the strangest/funniest thing I have heard this week.

Alison Brie of Community went to the California Institute of the Arts, which has a public nudity policy that is clothes optional. If that isn't odd enough...Brie used to exercise her right to run around in her birthday suit. Literally.

"I would use it more for comedy purposes... Every now and then I would just throw on my tennies (tennis shoes) and, like, take a jaunt... to exercise my rights...If my roommate was having a bad day and I wanted to make her laugh to feel better, I would sort of pretend I was gonna take a shower and then I would sneak outside and like hang from the tree outside our window like a monkey."

I wonder how her roommate felt about this? I won't even try to imagine what my reaction would be if I looked out of my dorm room to see my roommate naked in a tree. That is a little much.



  1. Hahahahaha Nerman hangin from the tree

  2. god, in my school the girls kept their clothes on even in bed :(

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