Monday, April 2, 2012

Top 5: Winners of the 2012 JUNO Awards

Good Canadian music may have been overshadowed by the likes of Nickelhack and Hedley when it came to this years JUNO Awards. Each of the promos for the show made me want to take a TV vacation just so I wouldn't have to watch it, but I got over it and tuned in anyways.

After your ears stopped bleeding from Nickelcrack and you were able to see the other Canadian talent that took home the statues. I will highlight my top of those.

Michael Buble
Ah Michael. I will disregard the fact that you won Album of the Year for a Christmas album...because it was pretty legit. I think Bieber won the Fan Choice category for his Christmas album too (or, let's be real, because he has about a billion fans that voted for him). Buble is one of the few pop singers who gets accolades and deserves them. I place him with the likes of Adele as far as talent goes. And don't even try and tell me you disagree. If you don't like Michael, keep those dirty thoughts to yourself.

Leslie Feist has been making indie hits for years and when she dropped her album Metals last year it was inevitable that she was going to have more on her hands. She took home the statues for Artist of the Year and Adult Alternative Album of the Year.

Dan Mangan
Dan Mangan is a force. If you haven't heard of him...well, then you must listen to Nickelback. Other bands that get nominated in categories with him get hammered for the show cause they know they won't have to do any walking to the stage. He took home the award for New Artist of the Year (I never got what 'new' meant to the JUNOs...Mangan has been around forever) and Alternative Album of the Year. He was beat out, however, by the next dude on my list for Songwriter of the Year.

Dallas Green (City and Colour)
Dallas (City and Colour) were nominated for four JUNOs and only took home one...but since Dallas is such an advocate that it is mostly about the music itself I think Songwriting was probably the best category for him to win.

The Sheepdogs
I don't know about you, but I first heard of The Sheepdogs when they were in the running for the Rolling Stone cover contest, which they ended up winning last year and were on the cover. I think that that whole thing had something to do with their success in this years's all about name recognition. But seriously though...they are actually legit that they didn't show up for the awards. And only truly fantastic people do that, like Justin Bieber and Michael Buble.

Oh and huge side note: Nickelback walked away with ZERO statues this year with four nominations. Is it true? Are we finally through with the reign of Chad Koegers vajayjay face? Spectacular.


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  1. Haha nice one Jess. Oh and Dan was eligible for Best New Artist since technically this was his first year being nominated for a Juno, crazy right? And ya especially in that category I would have been pissed if he didn't win. (On a sidenote, did you see the youtube video of the guy bashing the other nominees for the Canada Indie Awards and going sweet at least Dan isn't in this category?)


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