Monday, April 23, 2012

Top 5: Female Politician Screen Roles

The Alberta Provincial election is the time you read this the results could be coming in, or you may already know the winner. I felt like I should do some sort of post in homage to this, what is being called, a historical election...but, since I have a no political opinions rule this will have to do.

We already have a female Premier, but we most definitely will have one again once this is over (unless everything everyone is saying is ridiculously off base). So how have female politicians been portrayed on the screen to date? Actually...not very often...and usually not in a great light.

So here are some ladies, playing women in or running for a political position on the screen:

Julianne Moore - Sarah Palin, Game Changer
Sarah Palin is a little insane...and it is scary how much Julianne looks like here. Actually it is creepy.

Claire Dunphy - Candidate for Council, Modern Family
Claire had a short lived political career when she ran for city council...and she lost.

Meryl Streep - Margaret Thatcher, Iron Lady
Hard core Streep. I may never get over that prosthetic nose though.

Reese Witherspoon - Tracy Enid Flick, Election
I think I went through a period of time diligently hating Reese Witherspoon because of Flick. What a horrible girl....hate.

Glenn Close- Vice President, Air Force One
Do you remember Glenn Close in Air Force One, or do you only remember Harrison Ford saying, "Get off my plane"?....she was the Vice President that held it all together on the ground. If I were to pick what a female leader would be like, this would be it!

Happy election day.


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