Monday, April 16, 2012

Top 5: All-Time Characters from One Tree Hill

One Tree Hill wrapped up its series a couple of weeks ago, but I still haven't completed my grieving process. If I had a therapist they would probably tell me that I should write this I am going to go back over the seasons and tell you my all-time 5 favorite characters from the show.

Keith Scott
Oh Keith. Did you know that at one point I used to call the series One Tree Keith? Well I did, and I always meant to get a t-shirt with that printed on it. But then Keith died and I was too devastated to get it made. In all my television watching life I have never cried so hard during an episode than the one where Keith gets shot. It was horrible. Wahhhh.

Chris Keller
It was the best moment of my life when Chris Keller was brought back for the last season. Not only did Chris make the last season, but he definitely brought the drams in season 2 & 3, a little hilarious stint in season 4...then the awesomeness in season 9. Full circle. I will miss you Chris Keller. I am glad Tyler Hilton, the real life you, is still around making music.

Uncle Cooper
Hot Uncle Cooper. Mmmm mmm mmm. I honestly just loved season 3/4 when Rachel goes insane once Uncle Coop finds out that Rachel is 17 and breaks up with her. Then she almost kills him by driving Haley and Nathan's wedding limo off the bridge. That was epic. The only sad thing about Uncle Cooper is that he didn't have enough air time.

Brooke Davis
There was a lot of estrogen on this show. There was a time that Rachel may have made this list, but then she became a junkie and I never got over it. I never really liked Peyton, she was too emo. Haley was irritating for the first uh...4 seasons. Then she got OK, but the one that I liked from day one til the very end was Brooke. All time fave. Also, props to Sophia Bush for toughing it out after getting divorced from Chad Michael Murray and staying on the show.

Nathan Scott
The two male leads for most of the series were Lucas and Nathan. It was a constant question...which do you prefer? I always preferred Nathan, more so I think in the beginning when he was kind of a d-bag. Not a d-bag like in the 5th season when he was wheelchair ridden with that long gross hair, no no...the cocky, my parents made me evil, d-bag. I also liked him when he was a nice dude, but obviously not as much. I never took a shine to Lucas. He was always kind of a little bitch.

The ones that could have made this list if not for the likes of hot uncle Cooper and funny Chris Keller are probably Haley Scott, for her singing ability; Jamie Scott, the younger years....when he was still cute; and Skillz.


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