Sunday, April 1, 2012

Some other things I thought you'd like to know...

 Don't try this at home kids...or do and tell me if you have eye brows after. This dude lost his 'beard.'

Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert both won their respective gender artist categories at this years Academy of Country Music Awards tonight (Male and Female Artist)...move aside Faith and Tim, a new King and Queen have just been throned.

The Hunger Games made over $250 million in its first 10 days in theatres...cha-CHING.

The Kids Choice Awards happened this weekend and celebrities willingly got green goop dumped on them...idiots. Every last one.

Sarah Palin is going to co-host the TODAY show on Tuesday...ah, the joys of having a real job that makes it impossible to watch TV in the morning.

The first day of taping of the Banff Live with Kelly shows was successful...I liked the note on how many people did NOT show up...giant fail Team Kelly.

Lindsay Lohan has been given a Canadian work permit to film the Elizabeth Taylor biopic she has been jabbering on about for forever...we are letting that disaster into our country? Hide your wife, hide your kids.


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