Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Season Finale Recap: Goodbye One Tree Hill (A Letter to...)

Dear One Tree Hill,

It's been a while since me and my roommate from first year university started watching you. We were two seasons behind, thank God because I don't think I could have handled waiting for what came next without having the next episode cued to play.

Now, if I were to list my favorite shows on TV I have to admit that you rarely make the list. I know I know, how rude of me to say. You were always the quiet underdog with my time, but I realize that I have always been a fan. Even those years where the show was not great...I watched every single episode. I have every single season on DVD (which is a first...I have no other complete collection) and I never gave up on you. Other shows I cast aside when I thought they got played out and dry...I left them and never went back, but not Tree Hill. I just couldn't shake you.

Nine seasons, tons of laughs, many crying moments and ridiculous story lines later (nanny Kerry and point-shaving anyone?) you have finally called it a day.  The last three or four seasons have been a little lack luster and each year that you managed to pull out another season your fans yelped with joy and were also a little bewildered at your astounding luck. I cannot be the only one that thinks the writers strike of 2007 greatly benefited your show...you know I am right. I thought for sure last season was it. But it wasn't...you got renewed and came back for a half season hurrah, and I am so glad you did.

This last season brought back so many of the people who we came to know over the years. We even got a 5 minute moment with Lucas. Thanks Chad Michael Murray for giving the show some of your much coveted time (eye roll)...oh and Hilarie Burton, thanks for not coming back, Peyton was always to emo for me so good riddance to her.

Speaking of emo characters...with all the crap you put your characters through it is a wonder there was not more suicide attempts on the show. Some of them were kidnapped or assaulted numerous times and they all dealt with death, murder, and crime more than most people living in a war zone. I am glad Tree Hill is fictional...because no one would actually want to live there.

I am glad the final episode didn't have any bad drama. I was thinking you may try to sneak something negative in there, but nope...it was all good. Like a happy ending should be. Chris Keller was there bringing the laughs like no other time in his entire run on the show and everything worked out for everyone...even Brook, who was the world's greatest example of rise and fall on repeat.

Tonight I watched your final episode. The very last of your series and I have to say it was a simple and thoughtful ending. Sappy as all hell and the narratives were overkill to the max, but that was always the tone of the show. For years Lucas narrated in poetic life lessons, then, after he departed, the other cast members took his place. In the last moments of the final episode each character got to drop in a little high school graduation type piece of advice for the audience...and then your creators name, Mark Schwahn, came on the screen and it was over for good.

This is what the final scene tells me: Hayley and Nathan live happily ever after, Jamie Scott takes over his dads all time scoring spot at Tree Hill High, Milly and Mouth get pregs, Skillz and Bevin get back together, Clay and Quinn get married and she adopts his son Logan, Brook and Julian open Baker Boys across the street from Karen's cafe and their twins grow up to the awkward stage, Chase and Chris Keller are still single and alone years later and one has to wonder...what the hell is rock star Chris Keller doing at a high school basketball game of a school that he didn't even attend? So weird.

So, as I dry my eyes (yes I cried...I have a SOUL you know!) and picture Chris Keller with his massive beard one more time, it is finally sinking in. It is over. It is like a death in the family...well extended family twice removed...but still a sad moment. You are going to DVD heaven where you will live on my collection until some other form of technology takes over and you can't find a working DVD player to save your life. My Mary-Kate and Ashley VHS tapes know this fate all too well.

Thanks for the memories (oh my GOD I just remembered Pete Wentz had a story line in the show, gross) and for not giving me a piss poor ending like Gilmore Girls. Also, thank you for having Gavin Degraw back one last time to sing I Don't Wanna Be. I know music was a driver of this your show from day one...and that is probably why I loved it so much.
So...from the Ravens to the big leagues and back again I say, farewell. 


PS. I really think you should go slap the balls of someone over at IMDB.com for listing Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton as the shows stars. Time for an update people.

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