Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Saint Gosling strikes again

A British journalist, Laurie Penny, is getting a lot of attention today after she tweeted yesterday that Ryan Gosling saved her from getting hit by a car in New York.

What does Ryan do...spend all his spare time walking around looking for fights to break up and people to save off the street? I think it is probably just the decent human in him that would do the same thing as anyone else but then people recognize him and he turns into Saint Gosling.

The chick looked the wrong way as she was crossing the street, cause she is from Britain, and then when she stepped out into traffic Ryan grabbed her and said "Hey watch out." According to her tweets. If that were you would you not have done the same thing? Or would have have been like, "What an idiot" and watched as she got plowed over by a taxi? Exactly...human decency...Ryan has it.

Anyways, I would not be opposed to this happening to me. I also fear that the next time people see Ryan on the street they are going to jump out in front of traffic to be saved by the good natured actor.


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