Thursday, April 5, 2012

The roles of the Real Housewives of Vancouver ladies #RHOV

The Real Housewives of Vancouver premiered last night, did you watch?

I was so very very intrigued by this Christina woman who claimed to be 29 but looks like she is pushing 40. I thought for sure they were going to call her out, but they never did. They even threw her a fake 30th birthday party. This was my main reason for watching and I was not disappointed by the ridiculousness of the entire age lie.

As for the rest of it…the roles are beginning show. This is what I observed from the 2 hour season premier:

Jody Claman (the Queen Bitch) speaks her mind, is not empathetic whatsoever and wears the most hilarious eccentric garments I have ever seen. PETA is going to start calling for a show boycott with the amount of giant furs this woman wears. She wears sunglasses indoors and entire animal furs wrapped around her while bitching out the other cast members sans remorse. It is a beautiful thing.

Mary Zilba (the Single Wounded Puppy) is a divorcee and seemingly a super nice person. Jody kind of gives her the whatfor for sleeping with a dude who cheated on her and left her and is now banging her behind his new girl friends back. In the words of Jody, "Someone cheats on you, you leave. This isn't 1922." Preach. Mary also has about 15 botox injections too many.

Ronnie Negus (the Subtle Bitch) is Mary's supposed best friend who is as honest as Jody. Sometimes na├»ve people like Mary need bitches in their lives to set them on the straight and narrow. Ronnie seems to have it together, but is obsessed with talking about how much money she has. A $10 million house on the ocean, boat, jet, and not an inkling of wanting to work…as she "runs" her house and all of her 'staff'. Ronnie was lucky that she wasn't branded as a mean girl in the first episodes because Jody definitely took the cake with that.

Reiko Mackenzie (the Mediator) the woman who has Ferraris and Lamborginis coming out of her ass. I wasn't sure what role that she would play, but now it looks like she is going to be playing the middle man. The one that everyone likes. She won't step on anyone's toes and will be involved in a lot of the "did you hear what that bitch said to me?!" conversations in which she will just agree with everyone. I didn't think I would like her, but I didn't mind her. I also liked that her husband, who is a known criminal in Vancouver, was the only husband who was featured on the show. Maybe it was a warning to all his cronies…watch this garbage or I will cap your face.

And last but certainly not least, Christina Kiesel (the Slutty Target). The self proclaimed golddigger. The "youngest" one of the group and obviously the target of many of the cat fights. She openly says that she marries and divorces for money and is on the lookout for her next payday. And she wonders why people don't like her (besides the fact that she is lying about her age). The best part about Christina is that she brings her GBF Kevin onto the show and obviously I love him. For her "30th" he brings over a dentist to give her botox. WTF?! The gays bring the fun, what can I say.

I am not sure how long I will be into this show, but for now I am hooked. I can't wait to see what drama unfolds with this group of ridiculous people.


  1. The blog was absolutely fantastic! Lots of great information and inspiration, both of which we all need!

  2. You are hateful to all these women. I suggest you don't watch the show and spew more hate in this world.

    1. the post was dead on about all the women... its not hateful > just the truth.. some of these women are hideously overwhelmed with money they don't deserve and its fun to watch that point in every episode :P

    2. are u jody or her trampy and ridiculous daughter.. lol u sound like them.. over look facts and throw out remarks that don't even make any sense lol

    3. just an fyi both posts were directed to anon. april 13th commentor

  3. So true! "you are hateful" sounds just like Jody! hhaha

  4. Haha I just watched for the first time last night in Ireland. If Christina is 30,that makes me not even born yet lol. They are all so shallow and superficial,it's hilarious.


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