Thursday, April 12, 2012

Recap: Real Housewives of Vancouver: Christina's '30th' Aftermath

The Real Housewives of Vancouver were at it again last night. The aftermath of Christina Kiesel's 30th birthday party strip down was the focus.

Let's just pretend for a moment that Christina is actually 30. If one of my 30 year old friends did what she did (strip down to her unders and dance around a kitchen in a t-shirt that said golddigger on it) at their 30th birthday party we would all laugh it off as one last hoorah of the good years.

Unfortunately, Christina doesn't have any friends who are the same age as her fake persona on the show and she hangs out with 50 year olds. My mom is around that age and I think she too would be a little shocked if she saw me do something like 30 year old friends would think it was hilarious.

It is not like she stripped down at a club. That would be tacky. She did it at her 'friend's' house with 5 other people in attendance.

So anyways, Jody sees photos of the show and loses her mind. She then goes for coffee with Christina and reams her out while wearing slippers. It was worse than the time my mother reamed me out after I got hammed when I was 14...and I am pretty sure that is worse than Christina's situation.

Anyways...I totally heart Jody, because she is a grade A bitch, but this was just bitchiness without cause. I don't mind confrontation, but I can't stand people that just go looking for it. Uber bitch move Jody.  Even more bitchy...Christina telling Jody that he daughter is a whore...foul.

Until next week...that is the Fake Aged Housewives of Vancouver.



  1. I am so relieved to find I am not the only one who begs to differ Christian K's real age. When I first watched the show and the women were talking about themselves I heard Christina say her age, my Mom said "29?!" I laughed and said "No Mom, she said 39" I rewound the program and found she actually said 29. I'm sure that she looks great for her REAL age, as for pretending to be "29 or 30" she looks like a hag if that is her actual age (which it isn't). She wasn't sure if she would attend her 30th birthday because it was a sham, but knew she had to follow through because of the extensive work Marika put into it. I am not impressed with Christina at all, especially given this last episode in which she goes on a date with a loser (much like herself) named "David" who was featured on Millionaire Matchmaker for being a Kelowna resort owner and got kicked off because he tooted and booted Patti's test girl (air headed self proclaimed "model"). Christina is trying to impress this douche by going on about how a guy tried "trapping" her by getting her pregnant and she goes onto telling David how easy and proud of herself she was for terminating the pregnancy, aka she doesn't want to have kids but she'll let any guy throw it in raw?? Herpes much?! Nasty! I have NO idea how a guy can get you pregnant against your will (besides by raping you), how hard is it to take birth control, morning after pills or give him a condom yourself so he couldn't poke a hole in it? Murdering whore. Christina gives Canadians a bad name. Only one I like on this show is Mary and she originates from the US (how embarrassing for Canada) I think ill stop watching it because it seems like Mary might just get back bitten by Christina eventually, since Christina is typically such a tool for Jody-- suck up!

  2. 30 is the New 40! Afterall, Mia is a whore ... well, her mouth & her actions! Jody is a Hole! need to say No MOre!

  3. I agree, she looks 39 at least, 29/30 year old woman still have the teeney/twenty fresh faced look and. Sorry, she does not.


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