Monday, April 30, 2012

One less Kardashian show...maybe?

This morning when I heard that Khloe and Lamar's E! reality show was going to be finished after this season I was pretty proud of little K for putting her husband's career first. Clearly the show is not doing wonders for it as he went from being the 6th man of the Lakers last year to the basically getting a friendly boot off of the Mavericks in the middle of this season.

He needs to get it together and the man can't do that with a camera in his face for half of the week.

Then reports came out this afternoon that stated that the show isn't cancelled, it's on hold. Khloe said it is a scheduling thing and they need to make sure that it don't conflict with Lamar's b-ball sched. we even know if he is going to have one at this point?

As far as the other parts of the Kardashian enterprise...well that shit has been renewed for 3 more seasons. And it's not like Khloe and Lamar can't be on that. Cause obviously they will be.

I think Khloe needs to take a look at what her show will look like if it is starring a washed up depressed basketball player and his manager like wife...cause that is what we are watching now, and it ain't pretty.


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  1. Lamar needs to get it together! I agree with you, watching a washed up "has been" basketball player along with his control freak wife would be more annoying than having to bare hearing Khloe's nearly intolerable voice for an entire duration of a half hour-- I wish Lamar the best, considering it seems his intentions are good but realistically he is getting older and it is up to him to get motivated enough to play well. A baby would probably inspire him to play well and give him a purpose to provide for.


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