Thursday, April 12, 2012

Movie Madness: Out This Weekend

This weekend The Hunger Games will reign supreme again.  Put your money down people, there is nothing here that could top it.

The Cabin in the Woods
Besides the fact that Chris Hemsworth is in this, there is nothing appealing about this movie. I am curious as to who is screwing with them. If you watch it, please let me know.

The Deep Blue Sea (limited)
First I thought this was a remake of that scary as hell shark movie from the 90s. It isn't. And either this is a really really horrible movie or this is the worst trailer ever. Either way, definite pass.

The Hunter (limited)
I have never heard of this movie, but it looks pretty dope. Willem Dafoe is highly underrated. I am also secretly hoping that he is trying to kill this tiger and not trying to save it's life. That right, suck on that PETA.

Keyhole (limited)
Normally, after watching a weird trailer like this on a limited film I would just axe it from the list, but this is Guy Maddin's new film. Film junkies know Madden's work, the Winnipeg filmmaker, and that go a little crazy over it. So screen junkies, enjoy.

How did the conversation happen when this gem of an idea came up. "I think we should have a movie about someone who gets trapped in a prison after a takeover and needs to be saved." "No, that's been done...a lot." "Yeah but we could do it somewhere else that they haven't done before." "Where? Underwater?" "No, SPACE!" And they all thought they were brilliant. (eye roll) Guy Pearce is hot though, so that's a plus.

StreetDance 2
What!? How have I never heard of the first StreetDance movie? Obviously it was crap based on the sequel. My second question is...why would someone think it is a good idea to remake of Step Up? Do they not realize that those 'movies made to keep so you think you can dance contestants employed' are still being pumped out, much to everyone's dismay.

The Three Stooges
I need to find somewhere to put money on this being the WORST movie of the year...I would actually go as far as saying it will be the worst movie of the decade. I know I throw around the word torture often, but I honestly think that if you were to put me in front of a TV, tape open my eyelids and put this in...I would try to hold my breath and die.

My Pick: I am going to have to go with The Hunter. I know it is limited and is probably only playing at couple theatres in select cities, but that is my pick.


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