Thursday, April 5, 2012

Movie Madness: Out this Weekend

The Hunger Games is currently still on the throne killing the competition at the theatres, but will this be its last week? We have a 3D reboot of a classic and a 18th instalment of a franchise coming to challenge the victor. Could be a good long weekend at the popcorn joints.

American Reunion
Anyone alive in the 90s and old enough to watch Jason Biggs do an apple pie will probably be excited for this show. The "American" franchise has done some pretty lame movies lately, but the entire cast of the good films (American Pie, American Pie 2, and American Wedding) will be having a little high school reunion that you may not want to miss out on. This makes me think about how old I am…and that my high school reunion will be in a couple years. Shudder. I have not made my millions, thus I cannot attend.

Bully (Limited)
This won't be out everywhere, in fact I believe it is showing in Toronto, but I haven't heard of a screening anywhere else. I think it opens nationally next weekend. I did see something on Cineplex that it is called Intimidation instead of Bully, so watch out for that when trying to find it in the theatres. Looks like a good flick. I haven't been this excited for a Doc since Waiting for Superman. Gawd, I am obsessed with the atrocities of American education.

The Moth Diaries (Limited)
Boarding school psycho roommate horror films…all the same right? Loner girl/boy is investigated by another student who ends up going crazy or getting killed. I don't like all the vampire story stuff that is narrated by Scott Speedman (hot)…is this going to be another vampire movie? Every time a vampire movie is made someone punts a puppy litter off a cliff. This madness must be stopped. (Side note: this movie was filmed in Montreal).

The Titanic 3D
This started playing in theatres yesterday. Are you going to go an relive Jack and Rose's story? I remember the first time I saw it…and I think I maybe saw it one other time. I never really had a 3 hour chunk of time I could justify giving to this movie. The audacity of James Cameron thinking people have that kind of time on their hands. I don't think I would want to see it in 3D. I want to remember it in its 2D format.

My Pick: American Reunion. Don't even pretend this is not on your to-do list.


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  1. So stoked to see american reunion haha - Kees


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