Sunday, April 29, 2012

Kimmel and Obama bring the laughs at the White House Correspondent's DInner

The White House Correspondent's dinner was last night. Originally the comedian was supposed to be Louis CK, but that got shut down (I don't recall at the moment why that was). Anyways, Jimmy Kimmel went and replaced him.

Jim did an OK job. I think he started off strong and then towards the middle it was pretty wah-wah-wah, if you know what I mean. Nothing stood out as the best joke of the evening, but the people there seemed to like it. I like things when they are a little more nasty, but that's just me. I don't have to cater to 80 year old white haired republicans as well as Kim Kardashian in the same joke sequence.

Barack spoke as well, obviously. I liked the Mitt Romney dog on roof, thing. That was good. And when he winked at everyone when he said he was born in Hawaii.

All in all it was OK fun. But nothing near as rad as I had hoped. It's an election year, what can I say - they had to keep it kosher.


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