Friday, April 20, 2012

Jillian Harris...designer, heartbreaker, and reality TV veteran (Interview) @jillianharris

I recently met former Bachelorette Jillian Harris at a Brookfield Homes event where she had designed a Bachelorette Pad and a Bachelor Pad. Her first response to her work there, "I will go down in history with that stupid Bachelorette Season 5 on my gravestone!" Ah, so true.

If you have been reading my blog from the very beginning you will remember that Jillian's season of the Bachelorette was one of the first things that I covered in detail. And, of course, there was a point where I was calling on people to slap her in the face if they saw her on the street for her ridiculous decisions on the show, but my annoyance has since past. Thank god...cause she is actually one of the nicest, authentic, hilarious people I have ever interviewed.  If I had to slap her when I first met her I am sure the interview would have gone differently.

When we started the interview Jillian told me she had a couple of glasses of wine in her so I got right to it. Did one of the kids from One Direction actually ask you out? "Oh my God, that is so weird!" Then she started in on a story about how she was in LA for a business meeting at the W restaurant and One Direction was also there on the patio.

She said that she actually thought that their manager, 'or dad or whoever he was' who was with them was hot...not the boys. Then, as they were leaving, one of the Directioners, Harry Styles, asked her out for dinner. "He was adorable, cute and brave." She didn't know who he was and was surprised because she said she obviously looks like she is 32. Listen Jillian...those kids are not allowed to hook up with chicks on their tour, probably because they don't want to have to deal with any under age drama, so they go for the hot older chicks.

Besides finding out the truth behind the One Direction story I wanted to find out if she was ever planning on going on the Bachelor Pad. How great would that be?!
"Ed said we should do it together. There was a brief part of me that was like yeah, but then I realized that no. They know me, the producers, and they know what we’ve been through. They need ratings so I know what they are going to do. They are going to get Ed really drunk and force him to - well you don’t have to force him to make out with another girl, he does that quite fine on his own - to make out with another girl …and then I am going to act like I am fine and cool with it and then I am going to get jealous and then I am going to get insecure and this really awesome place that I am in my life right now is gonna go down and that’s priceless, so I can’t do it."
WHAT?! Ed wants to go on the Bachelor Pad!? Fack, I need to find the application for this show...newcomers are now welcome right?  So no Jillian on the Bachelor Pad. That's unfortunate...but what about The Bachelor Canada?

"I can only say maybe. That’s it."

I am choosing to believe that The Bachelor Canada people would be stupid not to include Jillian in the show somehow so we will totally see her once the show starts. That means I will watch it...even though I have sworn to boycott because they didn't pick my nomination...WORST MISTAKE OF THEIR LIVES. I swear to God, I try to give you a truck of gold and you throw it back in my face. Idiots.

Two of the rooms from Jillian's Brookfield Homes' Bachelor/Bachelorette Pads
That's all from Jillian Harris. Getting asked out by tween stars, still on speaking terms with her ex-fiancee, probably going to be on The Bachelor Canada and pretty damn good at her designing day job. Glad I finally met this broad, wish all reality stars were that rad.


If you want to check out the places that Jillian designed for Brookfield Homes you can here.


  1. I can't believe you didn't tell me you met Jillian. WTF, JF? AB

  2. Couple of glasses of wine, I thought she decided to quit drinking as it caused problems for her?

  3. Harry from One Direction was dating a 35 year old woman for ages in the UK, and makes headlines all the time here about how he constantly asks out older women, so not really anything new there.


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