Monday, April 23, 2012

Jillian Harris requested I find her a man: Mission Accepted @jillianharris

Jillian Harris, you are KILLING me.

Last week when I was at a show home which Jillian designed I joked about wanting to steal this super dope chair from the living room. If I could have...I probably would have tried. Never mind that there were around a hundred people milling about, my mother was with me and the chair was giant.

Jillian found out about my chair obsession and decided to dangle it in front of my face. Why do you do this to me?!

If you watch the video above you can see that she is wanting me to pimp her out with the payment of the chair. Is this a legal form of prostitution? She does say 3 dates...which is most non-slutty girls' 'get naked' rule. I won't question it long as the end result is that chair overtaking my living room I am OK with this arrangement. I may burn in hell, but I've done worse.

Now I have the task that the Bachelorette producers failed at...finding a legit man for Jillian. This is an exciting job. Also tough, cause I don't want to set her up with a douche bag or an illegitimate. I have a couple of ideas, but unfortunately at this point the best people I know are married, in a relationship or gay.

If you can think of a super legit person that you think would be perfect for the little Canadian firecracker email me. I want this chair, I will do anything...except for paying a gigolo, that would be defeating the whoring out on the other end.

Stand by Jillian, I will get you a man. Don't you worry.


Oh and PS...I want the Union Jack pillow as well.

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  1. Come on people... jess needs some help with this one... Got any body in mind for Jillian


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