Thursday, April 26, 2012

Jessica Simpson, still pregs and throwing herself elaborate baby showers

Oh. Mi. Gawd. This is my hell. Seriously.

And if you are thinking my hell is being pregnant for 20 years like Jessica Simpson, well you are wrong. That shizz ain't never gonna happen to me. No no, MY hell is going to a baby shower that is that elaborate. There is no mistaking what people will be talking about the entire time. Babies, ripping vaginas and more babies. Hell. it customary for the father to be there? Cause have never been to a baby shower where the dude is present - most of them would rather knife their nuts before they would want to sit through that garbage. When I first saw the dude I thought, "Cute the GBF is opening her gifts with her." Wrong. WTF.



  1. Apparently it is getting more customary to have men at baby showers since it takes two people to have a baby. I would be in hell too if I had to attend anything that over the top.

  2. Fucking hell. AB.


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