Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Gary Ross turns down directing part two of the Hunger Games trilogy Catching Fire

Do you think Gary Ross is practicing the 'quit while you're ahead' method with his latest decision to not direct the second installment of the Hunger Games franchise? It is possible. Anyone who has read the whole series will tell you that the first book is the best and it declines in the second and plunges to the earth in the third.

Ross' announcement basically states that he can't make something legitimate in the tight turn around time that the production schedule has set out for him. So I guess he wants to go out on top, and who can blame him? The first movie has already made over $300 million. Not too shabby.

Hopefully they can get someone to direct #2 that stays on relatively the same page as Ross did in the first one.

No word yet on who his replacement will be...but Lions Gate better buck up and get someone quick. As Ross said - it's a tight turn around.


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