Saturday, April 14, 2012

Garth Brooks sells out, scalpers get a giant payday (A Letter To...)

To all the people scalping Garth Brooks tickets,

Well hello there. Lucky got tickets that thousands of people tried to get this morning in the 58 second window before Garth's Stampede show at the Saddledome sold out. 58 seconds! That is insane...and I feel like, somewhat impossible, but that is not what I am writing you a letter about.

I am writing because I think you are a bunch of ass holes for marking up the tickets up to roughly 25 times their original cost of $62. I have nothing against a little scalping. One of the most bad ass moments of my life was when I scalped some Justin Bieber tickets to some terrified parents of a 7 year old in a Safeway parking lot at triple the value I paid for them (I know, thug life...word)...and I thought that was douchy. But 25 times!? You arrogant parasites. That is a whole other level of rude.

There are rumours going around that Garth may be playing a second show. I find this unlikely, but, in the sake of sweet revenge, I hope that they do announce one. That would really screw up your plans to cover all your Stampede expenses this year wouldn't it? You would have to mark them down to $500 and wouldn't that just be a kick in the nuts.

Anyways, I just thought I would let you know that if you thought you were going to get my hard earned money for your five seconds of work - you are wrong. You can take that Garth Brooks ticket and shove it up your ass.


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  1. Please sign petition to stop ticket scalping


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