Monday, April 16, 2012

Celebrities out to support the LA Kings

Is it just me or has everyone and their dog gathered to watch the Vancouver Canucks in their first round playoff series with the LA Kings? After the city's hissy fit last year I think the whole continent is hoping for a round one elimination…and it looks like they may get it. Currently the series sits at 3-0 for the Kings.

And when the City of Angels is winning something, then the stars come out to support. At last night's game in LA there were some athletic superstars in the building. Kobe Bryant and David Beckham (and fam), both playing their respective sports for LA teams came out to support the Kings as well as Will Ferrell and Modern Family's Eric Stonestreet.

Next game is in Vancouver…I think the Nucks need a little celebrity fan support. Or not.


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