Wednesday, April 11, 2012

CBC Radio 3's Tracks on Tracks is gonna be a wild ride

CBC Radio 3 has come up with an indie form of the "Cruise with your favorite Pop Star" type experiences that people can get with the likes of The Backstreet Boys and John Mayer (there are others, but I only pay attention to those I would actually go on). 

What self respecting hipster would hop on a cruise to listen to Chad VanGaalen jam next to a pool while tanning and drinking margaritas? None of them, BUT you could probably get them to board a train for 4 days and travel across Canada sleeping in train cars and watching nature cruise by...that has a very Sundance throwback to vinyl feel to it that hipsters like.

CBC has had this brain child to get a bunch of tier two level Western Canadian bands that are rad, but the mainstream crowd hasn't really heard of yet and throw them on a train to do performances as they go cross country stopping in the likes of Edmonton, Saskatoon and Winnipeg on their way to the NxNE festival in Toronto.

There are two ways for you and the hipsters to participate: 1. You can vote on which bands you would like to see on the train. The long list is currently posted. It is LONG. And there are so many good bands I literally had a panic attack trying to pick just 3. There are some legit peeps repping for Calgary including one of my faves, Michael Bernard Fitzgerald.

The second way you can participate is the "cruise" thing. You can actually board the train in Vancouver on June 8 and travel across the country with the bands to NxNE which starts on June 12. How effing brilliant is that? If I didn't have a real job (I know most of you think I don't...girl as gotta eat ya know) and had just under $1000 to burn, I would be on VIA Rail right now buying myself a ticket.

The first of the acts performing on the train was announced this afternoon: Adaline, a wicked singer from Vancouver. She performed at last year's Sled Island. So good.

Anyways, if any of you decide to go on this little venture, let me know. I am so curious if this is going to be a groupies dream vacation.


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