Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Canadian Country singers Chad Brownlee and Brett Kissel get in YouTube war over Vancouver Canucks

Country singers at war over hockey...this made my Tuesday.

As we all know, the Canucks were eliminated by the LA Kings in round 1 of the playoffs. People braced for a riot and when it didn't happen Vancouverites congratulated themselves on keeping it together (actually I don't know this as fact...but you could see why I would think this).

Oilers' fan Brett Kissel, (who is also a Canadian country singer who I unfortunately have never heard of) wrote something on Facebook mocking the Canucks first round loss. People got pissed (Canucks fans...can't take a little ribbing) and then he wrote an 'apology' song to the tune of Alan Jackson's She's Gone Country.

Chad Brownlee is Canadian country singer who I have heard of and was actually a former hockey player and drafted by the Canucks in 2003. I guess he is still a fan of the team, and made a video in response to Kissel's...to the tune of the worst country song currently decimating the airwaves: Red Solo Cup. Eck...I am not going to say anything about how it makes sense that a person who is a Canucks fan would also like that song, because I don't want to get burned to death next time I am in VanCity.

Anyways, I appreciate the Canadian past time love by these two artists. If I were to declare a winner...well it would have to be Kissel, and not because he is the anti-Canucks guy, but because I HATE Red Solo Cup.


Thanks Lisa for the tip!

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  1. Hockey is really a sport in Canada where they fight over it.


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